Athletic Therapy at Southern Ontario Aquatic Rehabilitation Center

Athletes are just like the common citizens that watch them perform. But what makes them stand out is their ability to do something that the average person just can’t do. But their athleticism isn’t immune to injuries. Athletes suffer from injuries from time to time, which hinders their ability to play. A number of factors come into play on how an athlete suffers from injury. The amount of hours spent training, how intense each session is, and even diet comes into play when assessing how an athlete will recover from a setback such as athletic injuries. But the centering thought is that athletes get hurt doing what they love. In order to reverse the symptoms of the injury, athletic therapy must be implemented to get the athlete back on track and performing at top condition.

Athletic therapy is a form of rehabilitation for athletic specific injuries that is practiced here at our Oakville rehabilitation center. This can range from ankle sprains to a torn ACL. A Certified Athletic Therapist will assess the athlete’s physical functions, provide a solution to the dysfunction of the injured body part, and monitor the progression of the body as the athlete recovers. Certified Athletic Therapist are cognizant of injury assessment, implementing programs to recondition the body, and reinforcing positive surrounding conducive to bettering the injured athlete. Also, the athlete will be equipped with tools, such as specific exercises, nutritional knowledge, and even recommended vitamins intake, to maximize full recover. During this evaluation period, the athletic therapist may incorporate a specific rehabilitation program to ensure the recovery of the athlete is optimized. Also, there are small sets of athletic therapy groups that don’t just treat athletes. Injured workers, active individuals, and motor vehicle victims can receive the benefits of a Certified Athletic Therapist.

Athletic therapy is necessary because not every injury is the same. There has to be specific groups dedicated to studying certain areas of injuries and ailments. For athletes, or any other active or victimized entity, athletic therapy provides a resolution to a unique problem. Athletic therapy equips the injured party with tools that can be taken and utilized after recovery. With implementations like this, it is understandable why athletic therapy is around for not only athletes, but to the active or victimized individuals.

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