Custom Knee Braces

Custom Knee Braces in Oakville

Many adults have knee problems and in many cases, these chronic conditions limit their ability to perform their daily activities, such as work and sports. Here at HealthMax, we have a variety of custom knee braces that help reduce the load of pain and improve your quality of life.

What is a custom knee brace?

A Custom knee brace is a method used to reduce pain, prevent injuries and facilitate the process of returning to normal daily activities. Also, it is used to stabilize and protect the knee during the healing process. The bracings allow our clients to control the position of their joints, and keep them restricted to prevent any future harmful motions. One of the advantages of custom knee braces is that they can be manufactured specifically for you.

What conditions can custom knee bracing help?

  • Knee instabilities
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Ligament injuries of the knee
  • Meniscal sprains and tears
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Post surgical purposes

Benefits of Custom Knee braces:

  • Reduces and prevents excess rotation of the knee
  • Can be used to limit range of motion during post surgical situations
  • Protects graft while healing from surgery
  • Provides medial and lateral support for the knee

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Custom Knee Braces

At HealthMax, our custom knee braces offer various options with the upmost fit and comfort. Each of our knee braces is fabricated and provides pain relief for our clients. Our knee brace products ensure that you receive the finest quality and the most innovative product that is available today on the market.

Process of Knee braces

Custom knee braces are made personally for you to treat your condition. Your leg is measured with a tool and a brace is made with a variety of materials that help you feel comfortable, supported, light on your feet and functional during your daily activities. The custom knee bracing is created based on your needs during the assessment with our physiotherapists. As listed above, many conditions can benefit from orthopedic knee braces.

What custom knee brace is best for me?

An experienced and registered HealthMax physiotherapist will work alongside with you to assess your knee problems and condition. In addition, we examine your activity level to help you determine which type of knee braces is right for your specific condition. As every patient is unique, we are happy to offer all possible options and assistance to you. Please contact us for more information and book an appointment today for a bracing appointment with one of our HealthMax professional physiotherapists.

Am I able to use my knee brace during physical activities?

Of course! Many of our clients are able to participate in their regular activities and exercises such as tennis, hiking, gardening, soccer and golf. This is all possible due to the knee braces being effortlessly comfortable and fitted for our patients. Knee braces will help to eliminate any pain or symptoms to continue your daily routines without any disturbances.

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Multidisciplinary Treatments

Wearing custom knee braces, and combining it with other forms of therapies, is highly effective. At our HealthMax clinic, our team of registered, licensed and experienced physiotherapy experts work together to offer our clients the best, integrated and comprehensive plan that will optimize the results for our patients. This way we ensure and prevent future pain from reoccurring. Contact HealthMax today to book an appointment for a custom knee-bracing fitting and help reduce your knee pain! We have many locations including Brampton, Toronto and Oakville.

Insurance Coverage

Your knee brace can be covered if you have extended health insurance. For more information, please contact your health insurance companies as coverage varies and may not be outlined in your benefits package. A prescription may be required from a physician and thus you may want to obtain the prescription before arriving at HealthMax for your appointment. You are also welcome to contact us at HealthMax for any questions about the process or any further information regarding your custom knee braces.

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