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Concussion Management Clinic in Oakville

In the industry of professional and amateur athletes, concussions have become a primary focus and thus we are able to diagnose and keep a consistent rehabilitation program for the management of concussions. With our collaboratively team, we are able to educate our clients with the latest research on recovery and prevention while working with highly-qualified specialists. At HealthMax, we offer the best, research-proven treatments for concussion assessments, rehabilitation and concussion management at the clinic in Oakville.

What concussion management is?

A concussion can be defined as a problem disrupting the neurological performance of the brain as the result of physical forces directed towards head and body. Concussions cause a biochemical imbalance within brain cells in addition to a reduction in blood flow and energy. This changes how the brain functions and alters an individual’s physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms. Concussions cannot be seen by advanced technology including MRIs, x-rays or CT scans. However there are tools to help you diagnose a concussion including sideline assessment tools, neuropsychological tests and postural stability tests. These simple tests are able to help individuals oversee recovery. Cognitive and physical tests are fundamental in order to help the management of a concussion. Individuals with a history of concussions may require a longer duration of recovery for optimal results.

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Signs and Symptoms (When to seek a concussion assessment)

If you think you or someone may have had a concussion, the signs and symptoms you are expected to see is the following:

  • Confusion regarding position
  • Clumsiness
  • Slow responses
  • Personality and behavior change
  • Appears to be dazed or confused
  • Forgets how to play sports
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

If you are feeling any of these symptoms, make sure to call your medical provider and seek immediate help. We provide various methods on how to properly maintain the management of concussions. For more information, please contact us.

Testing for Concussion: Baseline Testing

Concussion management requires baseline testing, which is a series of tests that measure every part of the brain functioning that could be potentially impacted by a concussion. The test is called baseline because it is assessed prior to when athletes get injured. To provide a full recovery process, our professionals are required to know the individual’s state of health prior to the incident. Without sufficient information regarding their history of health, optimal recovery results are prolonged.

Post-concussion Management

Recovering from concussions require personalized care for each client. We offer many treatments here at the Concussion Clinic in Oakville and guarantee a safe and quality recovery process. Our treatments include various aspects such as:

  • Full physiotherapy sessions are individualized through comprehensive assessments
  • Physiotherapy management of complex neurological injures
  • Education on safe returns to regular sport life and how to keep an optimal management of concussions in day to day life
  • Continuous communication with specialists and healthcare professionals

Complete Concussion Management

Complete Concussion Management is a concept known across all specialized concussion clinics in Canada. It ensures clients with the best and latest practices along with evidence-based care. The main goal of this program is to give patients who have concussions, or are at risk, adequate care and procedures. With the wide range of accessibility of networks and trained professionals, using electronic medical records and advanced technology allows for the care provided to have better results.

Our Values and Missions at the Concussion Clinic in Oakville

To provide exceptional concussion management, our professionals and clinic aim to be up-to-date on the latest research and rehabilitation treatments to maintain a unique program for concussion injuries and reduce the risk of long-term brain damages. The following inquiries are some of the various aspects of our concussion management:

  • Safe progression through return-to-learn and return-to-play stages
  • In-depth baseline tests
  • Neurorehabilitation that focuses on recovering nervous system injuries or deficiencies

Services for the Management of Concussions

  • Comprehensive baseline tests
  • Concussion rehabilitation involving chronic symptoms
  • Post-diagnosis and injury management

To find out more information regarding our Complete Concussion Management program, please contact us.

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