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Compression Stockings Oakville

Compression stockings at HealthMax clinic in Oakville are highly recommended by our healthcare professionals to improve the flow of blood and to prevent swelling. Compression stockings are specially designed to help manage any pain or soreness within the legs and helps to recover edema, tiredness, achy legs and moderate to severe varicose veins. Highly professional HealthMax staff will select and fit compression stockings according to your need and the size that you require.

What are compression stockings?

Compression stockings are elastic garments that are worn around the leg to help compress the limbs. This process helps prevent and control many conditions, and enhances the functionality of the legs. By compressing the problematic parts of the body, blood circulation is improved, which prevents the buildup of fluids in legs and arms.

Do I Need compression stockings?

If you previously had a blood clot located within legs or is currently facing problems with swelling and leg pain, wearing compression stockings improves your health condition and prevents possible complications. For additional information, please contact your healthcare provider or HealthMax clinic to see if compression stockings are the treatment that you need. *Caution: If you do experience any poor blood flow in your leg arteries (different from your leg veins) compression stockings may not be the right choice for you. Connect to your health care providers before purchasing compression stockings.

How do compression stockings work?

Compression stockings are specifically designed to avoid adverse conditions from reoccurring and decrease the risk of deterioration of your bodily functions. These conditions can include thrombosis, phlebitis and edema.

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Benefits of Compression stockings

  • HealthMax is able to offer the highest quality of compression stockings for our clients.
  • Our professionals at HealthMax ensure that patients understand the process of treatment and tools being used during the procedure.
  • HealthMax staff are also here to provide any assistance with information regarding compression stockings and your extended health benefits.

Types of Compression Stockings

To encourage prevention and/or provide treatment for conditions, such as thrombosis, phlebitis and edema, compression stockings are considered as a helpful disease management tool. The tightness within compression stockings varies depending on individuals and is measured in milli-meters of mercury (mm Hg). At HealthMax our health care providers indicate the tightness measure on your prescription for your convenience. If the assigned prescription is too high of a compression strength, you are able to connect with us again to receive a lower strength.

Compression stockings are available of various lengths including:

  • Knee-high
  • Full length
  • Thigh-high.

Compression stockings are available in various fashionable fabrics and patterns for those clients that are interested. Patients who had a blood clot above the knee are encourage to purchase knee-high stockings. In addition, knee-high stockings are more comfortable and easier to put on as opposed to longer styles.

Compression Stocking
Compression Stocking 2

Tips and tricks to help put on compression stockings

Compression stockings are manufactured and selected for each patient individually. Since the stocking are tight, it requires time and practice in order to adjusting to them and to be comfortable with putting them on correctly. The list below provides some tips on helping you get into the nature of wearing the stockings:

  • Put the stockings in the morning before you are up on your feet
  • Remove your stockings when you are about to sleep as it is not necessary to wear them during the night
  • Many of the stockings are sold in pairs; however, it can be the case that only the leg that is affected will require wearing of the compression stocking

Tips on how to take care of compression stockings:

  • Wash your stockings after every use as it removes any dirt or oils. This will ensure that the fabric remains elastic.
  • Make sure to read labels for any recommendations on how to wash the stockings. Different types require different maintenance methods.
  • Do not twist or wrinkle the stockings
  • Do not wash in harsh soaps or chemicals as it can negatively affect the elasticity

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