Chronic Pain Management

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can be grouped into two areas of pain including acute pain and chronic pain. Chronic pain can be considered as pain lasting more than 12 weeks. This type of ache doesn’t seem to get better and implies that there might be an injury or illness that has triggered the pain. These pain nerves send messages to the brain in which the brain picks up and understands that there is pain present within the body. Our specialists at HealthMax Pain Care Clinic in Oakville, have the ability to provide care plans with the help of technology to tailor patient-centered care to you. Through our variety of experts in chronic pain, we are able to work collaboratively to form a healthcare plan and recognize your pain.

Chronic pain ranges anywhere from mild and severe pain. Regardless of how bad your pain is, it triggers frustration, a lack of adequate mental health, reduction in memory, poor sleeping pattern, inability to concentrate and make you easily irritable. Any type of pain takes a toll on individuals in addition to hindering their daily activities. Our mission here, at HealhMax’s Pain clinic in Oakville, is to practice improving health in addition to increasing body functioning and movement regardless of the intensity of pain.

Chronic Pain Management Clinics

HealthMax Physiotherapy is the number one pain care clinic in Oakville and is known all across the GTHA. We have skilled professionals whom are experts in the field of chronic pain and are dedicated in providing high standards of care possible.

Diagnosing your pain - Pain Clinic Oakville

Due to the large spectrum of chronic pain, it is often challenging to diagnose individuals. Therefore, at HealthMax, we are able to do detail oriented evaluations and comprehensive treatment processes based on the evaluations. Prior to forming your care plan, we learn about your medical history, complete physical exams, and focus on the problematic areas in which we suspect to be the root of your chronic pain. It is difficult to exactly determine how you feel and that is why we come up with specific questions that help us target and diagnose the issue. We use pain scales that are widely used to determine the intensity for your pain.

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Dealing with chronic back pain? Here are some ways to reduce your pain.

There are a variety of chronic back pain treatments that are recommended from our chronic pain management center. Regardless of your condition or symptoms, we provide care plans for all our clients to help relieve pain. Regardless of where the pain derives from, we provide a variety of treatment methods to help manage and reduce the amount of chronic pain you feel. These can include:

  • Nerve Blocks
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Acupuncture
  • Psychological Treatment
  • Relaxation and Cognitive Techniques
  • Active Therapy
  • Osteopathy

Multidisciplinary Method on Oakville’s Chronic Pain Management

Many medical injuries and conditions can lead to the fundamental reason of one’s chronic pain and while many of the symptoms differ from patient to patient. Patients whom are dealing with various conditions, we often use a combination of multiple techniques to help treat the chronic pain as well as educate clients on chronic pain management. By tailoring each care plan to the chronic pain symptoms, it helps our clients reach optimum results. Oakville’s HealthMax Physiotherapy clinic is specially set out to integrate care plans that are made for you. The staff here at HealthMax Oakville are experienced teams that work collaboratively in order to offer our patients the best and most comprehensive treatments through various disciplines. The outcomes from our experience and knowledge are outstanding and positive, as our clients show rapid results of improvement from injuries and chronic pain conditions. In addition to our care plans, they include methods on how to prevent future pain and dysfunction. To find additional information about our chronic pain management clinic in Oakville, please contact us at HealthMax Oakville.


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