Aquatic Therapy

What is Aqua therapy?

Aquatic therapy is the practice of therapeutic treatment interventions within a water-based environment. The water-based environment is used to achieve the best movement and potential for our clients participating in our aqua rehabilitation sessions. It has great long-term therapeutic effects as it stimulates a positive physiological response and well-being.

Oakville’s aquatics at HealthMax will provide innovative teachings on effective aqua therapy skills to treat clients regardless of age and conditions. Aqua rehabilitation at HealthMax is able to tailor exercise programs to the patient’s needs by employing its professional staff and facilities. Whether it is a minor or major injury, aqua rehabilitation will be beneficial to your health. This includes a comprehensive warm water exercise therapy program developed by a HealthMax Registered Physiotherapist. Class sizes are small and participants are closely supervised by caring professionals to help everyone reach their individual goals. Pool exercises are based on the physiotherapists initial assessment of the clients’ medical history and current health status.


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Want to Join Our Oakville Aquatics Therapy and Aqua Rehabilitation Center?

  • Swimming abilities are not necessary for participation
  • No referral required
  • Classes are covered by private, motor vehicle accident, WSIB and extended health care insurance plans
  • Oakville’s aquatics clubs hold additional offerings that include Aqua-kickboxing, Power Aquafitness, Senior Fit and Hot-Yo-qua
  • Hydro-kinetics warm water exercise therapy programs can be used as an adjunct to other traditional therapies
  • To learn more about Oakville’s aquatics center, please call our clinic or click here to download a pdf document with our info

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Aqua therapy and rehabilitation provides clients with many benefits to overall health and well-being. This includes the reduction of anxiety and stress levels, improves sleeping patterns, decreases fatigue and soreness of the body, improves flexibility and balance, provides a sense of pain relief and improves bodily endurance. In addition to these benefits, it also treats and lowers risk of being diagnosed with different illnesses such as muscle pain, neurological disorders, arthritis and much more. Most individuals find aquatic therapy to be a safe and exciting way to gain their balance, strength and flexibility, while still managing the swelling and pain present in their bodies. Treatment sessions vary by individual assessments given to each patient.

In comparison to land therapy, aqua therapy has very minimal impact as the water supports the body and limits chances of falling. In addition, it allows for movements from all body parts, working more efficiently without working harder. The benefits of aqua therapy outweigh the benefits of land therapy. For more information, you can contact us to gain more insight regarding our aqua therapy sessions.

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Multidisciplinary Approach

During your therapy, HealthMax aquatic professionals will provide an assessment test and consultation meeting prior to tailoring a specific program for you. There is a large number of medical conditions that can be treated through aquatic therapy. With this, a combination of several aquatic treatments and techniques, that are tailored to each individual in accordance to their level of pain tolerance and symptoms, will help provide the best results possible. Oakville’s aqua therapy services include numerous programs such as post surgical treatments, sports injury rehabilitation, and chronic pain. Our team consisting of the Oakville’s aquatic experts will work in conjunction to offer clients the best quality and comprehensive treatments to incorporate a number of therapeutic disciplines. The results presented are positive, showing the rapid recovery from motor vehicle accidents, slips and falls, work and sports related injuries. Preventive measures are also taken into account when developing individual programs in order to prevent future pain and dysfunction.

Helping Clients with Aqua Therapy!

Regardless of the benefits that aqua therapy entails, many individuals may feel uncomfortable with this form of therapy and rehabilitation. Therefore, our highly skilled staff are trained to display compassion, understanding and empathy and provide an all-inclusive, culturally sensitive environment for participants to feel welcomed and engaged.

Who Pay for Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is covered under Physiotherapy by your extended health insurance. For this service to be covered under your benefit plan, an assessment needs to be done by one of our therapists. Please contact us for more details on insurance coverage plan.

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