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Acupuncture in Oakville is an effective treatment used to treat acute and chronic illnesses and is one of the main forms of treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Acupuncture therapy is used with herbal medicine and dietary therapy to help the healing process naturally and does not involve any pain. The treatment involves the usage of safe needling of selected acupuncture points with sterile disposable needles. This process is to adjust and alter the body’s energy flow to healthier patterns and treat illnesses and improve health. In addition, there are no injections of any substances and the treatment rarely causes discomfort due to the very fine and thin needles used. The needles used at Oakville’s acupuncture therapy are typically not felt during the process, making it easier for our clients to go through the treatment.

Acupuncture Therapy Process

Oakville’s acupuncture clinic provides the service by inserting fine needles into specific points to help regulate the bodily systems and alleviate pain. In addition to the acupuncture therapy, it will help balance the body; help strengthen the healing processes and clear tissues with improved blood circulations. Through these specific points, inflammation and pain is reduced, as well as trigger points and muscle tenderness are released. In addition, musculoskeletal and internal organs return to normal functioning. By needling, it allows stimulation to restore blood flows on the acupuncture points that are treated. In addition, cellular wastes and toxins that are built up around the injured site can be passed away, improving blood circulation. While this aspect focuses on the bodily fluids, these needles work deeper into the nervous system where it stimulates endorphins, chemicals that allow the body to feel naturally good. It causes the brain to be calm and absorb the pain.

Why choose Oakville's Acupuncture Clinic?

Benefits of Acupuncture Therapy provide clients with pain relief, improved blood circulation, regulates hormones and relaxation. The unique acupuncture process is proven to be an affective therapy alternative as it focuses on the causes of symptoms. By applying Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Japanese methods, amazing results occur and make significant improvements as opposed to conventional therapy

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Reasons of Using Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture is able to treat many conditions within a wide range. This range includes anxiety and depression, fertility and menstrual, allergies and autoimmune and your digestive system. These categories include appetite loss, anxiety attacks, infertility, menopause, food and seasonal allergies, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, pinched nerves, sinusitis, lower back pain and much more. The World Health Organization (WHO) has proven that the use of acupuncture in treatments of wide range of problems is an effective way to treat diseases, conditions and symptoms through a controlled trail matter. During your acupuncture therapy in Oakville, our professionals will assess and consult you prior to customizing your treatments. Acupuncture therapy can help treat many medical conditions and the results show positive, proving the fast and quality recovery our clinic has to offer!

Confused About Acupuncture Therapy?

Our highly trained professionals are here, at HealthMax, Oakville’s acupuncture clinic delivers the best and safest experience to help relieve your pain. Regardless of the benefits, many clients may feel indifferent about the process of acupuncture. However, our staff will ensure a safe, compassionate environment along with cultural sensitivity to provide an exceptional experience.

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Is Acupuncture covered?

Most insurance companies cover acupuncture costs. In order to determine acupuncture benefits, health policies must be reviewed. For more information, contact your insurance company or us to find out more details regarding coverage for acupuncture.

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