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About Us - Physiotherapy Clinic in Oakville

At Oakville’s Physiotherapy Clinic, HealthMax, we collaborate to provide you with evidence-based personalized physiotherapy care that compliments your preferences, values and needs while helping you recover back into an active lifestyle.

Welcome to HealthMax, conveniently located in Oakville at the QEW and Trafalgar. At HealthMax, we provide a variety of services from warm water aquatic therapy to physiotherapy to help you restore and recover quicker.

Oakville’s Physiotherapy clinic is able to assist you in many directions with the services we offer here at HealthMax. Here, we help patients feel safe and comfortable and assist them in choosing what services are best for their health. In addition, we educate our clients on how to maintain healthy living. Our rehabilitation centers in Oakville is located on 1131 Invicta Dr #2.

We have many services to offer here at Oakville’s sports medicine center such as physiotherapy, aquatic therapy and much more! For more information, please contact us and our professional staff will provide you with everything you need to know. We have a team of professionals that devote their time and knowledge into helping you move and feel better.

What to expect at Oakville’s Physiotherapy Clinic:

  • A assessment before starting any of our treatment services
  • An environment with confidential and compassionate care that will address any concerns or questions regarding your health
  • Ongoing communication with medical professionals to help promote recovery
  • Effective treatments that will help improve your condition
  • Timely access to services through clinic hours, which are flexible for the convenience of our clients
  • HealthMax’s staff are trained and highly qualified with over 20 years of successful clinical experiences. They provide exceptional treatment and optimum care to our clients.

Our approach here at Oakville’s Physiotherapy Clinic

The philosophy here at HealthMax Physiotherapy is unique in comparison to most physiotherapy offices. We build trust with our clients so we are able to provide customized care that is necessary for them to return to their regular lifestyle. At HealthMax, we work to help establish a framework that will help achieve your goals in order to get you back into good health. We aim to provide active, progressive and quality physiotherapy and rehabilitation programs for all our clients in order to help them restore lost functions as soon as possible.

Our office

Our Objectives at HealthMax Oakville.

Here at HealthMax, we provide our clients with the best experience. These are some of the ways we work to make you feel welcome, encouraged and ready to make a change in your life!

  • Provide sufficient communication with all parties involved
  • Encourage all our clients to take control and initiative over their own health
  • Provide the most optimum customer service to our clients as well as other parties
  • Educate our clients with the latest research and information about present conditions, body mechanics and movement, prevention and activities to control symptoms
  • Help our clients return to work and regular home tasks as soon as possible, while still providing support and necessary services
  • Provide quality reporting in an effective and efficient manner

A key component to our success here at Oakville’s physiotherapy clinic is that our clients receive patient-centered care and is the focal point of our rehabilitation programs. Patients are given full information they need to ensure fast and quality recovery. Here, we believe that patients should be able to see a fair measurable improvement after their visits. Once assessments are finalized, we are able to correctly identify the root cause of your problem and personalize a treatment plan that will be beneficial for your health. What we don’t do is the ineffective treatments that only temporarily solve symptoms. By redirecting treatments to target the root problem rather than symptoms, it helps promote healing to its fullest recovery.

Cancellation policy at Oakville’s Physiotherapy Clinic

We kindly request that you provide us with a 24-hour notice should you need to cancel or make changes to your appointment. Individuals that fail to provide a notice may be subjected to a cancellation fee in addition to scheduled service fee.

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